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Calling this page 'Tweaks' is a little bit of an understatement. These modifications make a terrific difference to performance of CD's and amplification. Overall sound quality and detail is dramatically improved.

The various links at the top of the page will take you to some reviews and descriptions of highly effective ways to improve your system.

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DVD - Digital Versatile Disc
We can offer zone free upgrades to most makes of DVD players. Listen to any zone disc on your machine. Phone for information on 01633 262790
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Power Supplies click here
Noise, speed and accuracy of your power supply will affect the performance of your hi-fi. Take a look at Tom Evans designs and views on how improvements can be made. click here

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Mains Conditioners
Mains conditioners improve performance. Whether it's for your compact disc player or your whole system (heavy duty) you will be surprised at the difference. Call in for a demo.
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Interconnects - try before you buy!
Upgrading your speaker cables and interconnects can make a huge difference to your system. We stock a wide range of each and have loan cables for you to try.
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  Pioneer Upgrades - Demonstration available
In conjunction with Tom Evans Audio Design we can offer a major upgrade to the Pioneer A300R/Precision. Listen to the difference in our listening room.
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Not really a tweak, but very important, is our in house service department.
We can repair and service most major brands of hifi and audio systems.
Ring our service department with your inquiries. 01633 262790