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Choose from a range of leading brands by -
Pioneer - Denon - Marantz - Yamaha - Onkyo - Tom Evans Audio Designs
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An extensive range of speakers is available for you to listen to, either in our main showroom area, or in the listening room. Speakers by -
B&W - KEF - Acoustic Energy - Jamo - Pioneer
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Yes, we are still fans of vinyl! That delicate sound that vinyl can produce is available by -
Project - Dual - Pioneer - Aiwa
The Tom Evans phono stage is a "must listen to" - ring us for a demo today - 01633 262790

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Cartridges and Styli
We carry a large range of competitively priced cartridges by -
Ortofon - Audio Technica - Goldring - Large range of pattern styli available
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For personal listening a range of quality headphones is available by -
AKG - Beyer Dynamic - Sennheiser - Ross
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Interconnects, Speaker & Equipment stands, Speaker Switching, Audio and Video tape, Mini discs and CD/CDR's are all available and in stock by -
IXOS - Q.E.D. - Sonic Link - Cable Talk - Tech Link - Puresonic - B Tech Atacama - Sound Organisation - Sound Style - Appollo - Target - Fuji
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Not really a product, but very important, is our in house service department.
We can repair and service most major brands of hifi and audio systems.
Ring our service department with your inquiries. 01633 262790